In Pursuit Of Perfection

Control Freaks Unite!!! The wife says that I’m a control freak, but I embrace it and we hire many others just like me. Our team enjoys controlling the whole process from the forest to your door, so that we ensure the best final product possible. Today the team is prepping Cumaru and Brazilian Cherry hardwood to go into the kilns at our factory in Brazil. After being dried in the kiln the rough sawn blanks head to our production lines to become decking, T&G flooring, and deck tiles. You can see the kilns in the background with the aluminum doors. Our Brazil factory has 11 kilns which hold 45,000 board feet each. The kilns are monitored by a team of 4 boiler operators and a kiln drying specialist on a 24/7 schedule. Talk about babysitting!!! Our team monitors the process onsite, everyday of the year.

Quality Assurance