The Deck Tile Difference

Deck Tiles Manufacturing Brazil
Deck Tiles Manufacturing Brazil

Not all deck tiles are created equal.

Assuming two things are equal in quality because they look similar can be a catastrophic mistake. There are many products out there in the world claiming to be of equal quality at a lesser price. Unfortunately, It is clear that the similarities stop at looks, after the product fails. Some companies spend more time mimicking quality than creating it. The reason for this is simple, cheaper labor which leads to a cheaper product. Companies that do this are focused on short term clients who want to spend the least money possible. Advantage Florestal marches to a different beat. We like to think of ourselves as trend setters instead of followers. One trend we will never follow, is making an inferior product to try to save some money. Value is so much more important than cost. We produce value, so you can do the same for your customers. Some of the little differences in deck tiles aren’t so small after time, let’s take a deeper look at why.

Little things – BIG difference

We put a lot of thought and effort into how we build our tiles, not least of which is the way we fasten them. With our “z-back” system we create a stronger tile by providing shear strength and making sure the tile can never come out of square. When only 2 nailers (or even if there is 3 but only run parallel to each other) the only thing holding the tile square is screws. When a tile comes out of square, then getting the installation right is near impossible without going through all of the tiles. The call backs and returns alone could easily cost more than any savings by going with an inferior deck tile. High quality screws are a must. We use a #8 Posidrive, bugle head, chipboard thread, 305 SS screw. There isn’t a higher quality screw for the application. Not to mention the fact every screw is counter sunk. This way it is guaranteed that a screw head won’t be sticking up and scratching the other tiles in shipment. It also guarantees the tile will sit flat when installed without having to double check every tile. We put 2 screws in a diagonal pattern on each side nailer to make sure all the stress is put in the same grain run. This prevents any future checking. Every cross cut is end sealed with wax to maintain moisture content consistency (this also prevents checking and cracking). The “z-back” also has a screw in the center of every board to prevent any bows or twists. There is also a hole (in the bottom only) in every corner that fits the Deckwise tile connectors along with a groove that fits the Deckwise pedestal system. This is all done in our jigs and repeatedly done for consistency in quality. Each tile is checked over to make sure it passes the visual grade before it ever makes its way towards shipment. If you want to take it one step further and get the best of the best Advantage Deck Tiles… We have them available in FSC as well.

The Advantage of Advantage Deck Tiles

Simply said, no one can provide the tile we do at the same value we do. We encourage you to look around and see if anyone is using as high quality materials, and control the quality from tree to tile like we do. Compare the process and the products point by point and we’re confident you’ll be buying tiles from us for years to come. Because when you build the best, confidence is a natural byproduct.