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Angelim - Pedra - Hardwood lumber products

Angelim – Pedra Wood Slabs

Also known as Angel’s Heart, Para Angelim, and sometimes only, Pedra. Angelim Pedra is a medium instability, and very dense. It is not very difficult to work with. It has a deep reddish brown color and is available usually as flooring. It is picking up some attention in the decking market as well. Due to it’s stability and durability this wood could provide another option in lieu of woods such as Massaranduba or Jatoba. Available as FSC Certified and non-FSC certified as well as kiln-dried (KD). We have Angelim Pedra available in decking, flooring, dimensional lumber, E4E, S4S, RS (Rough Sawn), deck tiles, and table slabs.

Common Name:

Angelim Amarelo, Mirarena, Angelim Pedra, Koraroballi, Saint Martin Jaune, Saandoe, Angelim Rosa, Angelim Da Mata, Sapupira Amarella, Saint Martin Gris, Makkakabes, Sapupira

Botanical Name:

Hymenolobium Petraeum

Indigenous to:

Brazil and Guyana in South America

Modulus of Rupture:

22,550 lbf/in2 (156 MPa)


Radial: 4.9%, Tangential: 8.3%, Volumetric: .67%, T/R Ratio: 1.7

How is it dried:

kiln-dried (KD)

Is it dried quickly:

Rapid to normal A slower drying speed can avoid defects.


Poor to moderate stability

Exterior Wood Recommendation:

Class 2 – inside or under cover (dampness possible)

Note: Resistance to decay moderate to good according to the species

Fastening Method:

Nailing / screwing: good but pre-drilling is necessary
Gluing: Yes
Note: Tendency to end checks when nailing

Ecosystem impact:

This wood species is not listed in the CITES Appendices or on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Toxicity and allergic reactions:

In rare cases occupational asthma has been reported from unprotected constant exposure to a allergen found in Angelim Pedra


Has a strong unpleasant odor when being worked.

Product we manufacture using this species:

decking, flooring, dimensional lumber, E4E, S4S, RS (Rough Sawn), deck tiles, and table slabs

Other common uses:

Interior joinery

Interior panelling

Exterior joinery

Exterior panelling

Furniture and furniture components


Stairs (inside)

Heavy carpentry

Industrial or heavy flooring


Sliced veneer

*Note: A careful sanding must be done to obtain a good finish

Susceptibility to

Dry Wood borers:

Class S – Susceptible


Class 3 – Moderately durable


Class S – Susceptible


Class 2 – Moderately permeable

REQUIREMENT OF A PRESERVATIVE TREATMENT Against dry wood borer attacks: In case of risk of temporary humidification: In case of risk of permanent humidification: requires appropriate preservative treatment requires appropriate preservative treatment use not recommended

Janka Hardness:

  • Cuban Laurel 2,340 lbf (10,390 N)