Tigerwood Deck Tiles

Tigerwood Deck TileInexpensive and easy-to-install. But those are not the only reasons why you want to buy them. Customers who remodel their old patio, balcony, or roof with Advantage Deck Tiles do so because they want a genuinely beautiful outdoor living space that lasts. While settling for painting over their existing surface is always an option, they want something better, more natural. Advantage Tigerwood Deck Tiles give you: An attractive, dynamic looking surface An easy-to-install deck that takes hours, not days All the durability & resilience of long-length hardwood decking A solid solution to renovating concrete decks & patios Years of hassle-free use without any required maintenance Built using all stainless steel hardware Many of our customers prefer to install Advantage Deck Tiles over cracked concrete patios. As you can see from the gallery below, doing so will give you an eyesore you no longer have to live with!