Rough Sawn Lumber

Our rough sawn lumber is available GMS (random width and length) or fixed width (sorted for width and rough cut to width). All of our lumber is band sawn for a more consistent production thickness than traditionally Circular Sawn lumber. We can provide AD (air dried), PAD (Partially Air Dried), or KD (kiln dried) lumber. Upon request we can sort for figure such as quarter sawn, plain sawn, curly, bird’s’ eye, etc. We can kiln dry to the typical 6-8% Moisture Content for North American interior use, 10-12% MC for European interior use, or other levels as needed for your region or project. We can cut to standard lumber thickness of 4/4 (1” or 25mm), 5/4 (1 ¼” or 32mm), 6/4 (1 ½” or 38mm), 8/4 (2” or 50mm), or thicker as required. The widths of many of our species can run very wide. If you have special requirements please let us know.

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