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We carry a variety of wood slab species, at wholesale prices. Most are available as FSC Certified.


It’s important to note that wood slabs do not act in the same way as lumber does. It can do many things that would not be prevalent in solid heartwood lumber used for common construction application. For instance, some woods are not very stable as construction materials like decking fare much better as slabs. The opposite can also be true. Many woods that come across as bland come alive when in slab form. Slabs are a unique product that we like to offer because we believe it shows the whole beauty of a tree with minimal waste. As with all of our products our slabs are sustainably harvested and available as FSC if desired. So, please take the time to browse our vast selection of live edge slabs and if you don’t see it here, give us a call or email because we can probably get it. Give us a call +1(941)388-9299 or Email Us

Wood Slabs in our Brazil Mill

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