Garapa Hardwood Lumber Products – FSC Certified is available

Garapa Hardwood Lumber Products

Other common names for Garapa include Brazilian Oak, Brazilian Ash, Cobre, and Garrote. The wood is medium density for a tropical hardwood and mills nicely. Garapa is golden yellow in appearance and is available from our facilities as both FSC and Non-FSC certifications.

Our Garapa is kiln-dried (KD) and available as decking, flooring, dimensional lumber, E4E, S4S, RS (Rough Sawn), deck tiles, and table slabs.

It is also typically used for

  • Exterior joinery
  • Hydraulic works (seawater)
  • Ship building (ribs)
  • Cooperage
  • Turned goods
  • Furniture or furniture components
  • Wood frame house
  • Flooring
  • Industrial or heavy flooring Interior joinery
  • Ship building
  • Interior Stairs
  • Vehicle or container flooring
  • Cabinetwork (high class furniture)
  • Tool handles (resilient woods)
  • Formwork
  • Boxes and crates
  • Wood-ware